2019 Activities, Events​ & Important Dates!

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

June 29th


Mega Bubble and Water Games

Wear your bathing suit for this fun morning! 

We will make different shape bubble wands, try putting kids inside bubbles. We will have water balloons and have a big slip and slide! 

9:30 am

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June 30th


Wicked Witches Of West Street

Food Truck! 

5:30 Start

Live Music Featuring:

Footbridge Road 

 6pm Start 

Firework Display to Follow!

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July 6th


Junkyard Wars

Join us inside the Rec Hall, as we split into teams for this epic challenge! 

Each team will be given 1 hour and a pile of recycled junk ... your mission is to build a water balloon catapult!

We will then head outside and see which team's goes farther- winning team gets a prize!

We will also be making ping pong launchers that you can take home! 

9:30 am

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July 13th


Summer Camp Adventures

(Camp Menesetung)

Back by popular demand! Spend the morning at Camp Menesetung, enjoying all the best that summer camp has to offer! Archery! Rock wall! Low ropes! Field games and silly songs! 

(Parents will need to drop off 

and pick up)

*sign up required*

9:30 am

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July 27th


Please Join us for Christmas in the Park by decorating your site and participating in the Christmas Parade 

( 2:30 pm start)!

A prize will be given to the best decorated site!


Story stone painting with Lorna

Story Stones are great for kids of all ages (they are a fun game to take a long babysitting too!) Lorna Taggart is going to teach us how to paint and play with story stones


*sign up required

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Aug 3rd


Superhero Mystery

Dress up as your favourite superhero and join us for this interactive 

"who done-it", live action mystery!

(In a world where bad guys wreak havoc on peace and conformity, it's up to a select few superheroes to keep the world safe. These superheroes are known as The League of Good Guys. These independent superheroes meet periodically to discuss strategy, and what must be done with the world's worst bad guys.

The members of The League of Good Guys have met at IronGuy's mansion to have their usual meeting in Iron Guy's secret underground meeting room. But when a controversial alloy that IronGuy has created goes missing and then his butler is found dead, it becomes apparent that one of the heroes has turned villainous. It's up to all the heroes to question the suspects to find the killer and the thief in their midst!)

9:30 am

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Aug 4th


Live Music Featuring:

Doug Clayfield Trio 


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Aug 5th

2020 Seasonal Contracts

Are Ready!

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Aug 10th 

The Amazing Poker Race!

2pm Start

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Aug 17th


Jar Lantern Craft

This weekend we will be making jar lanterns with tissue paper and midge lodge, to help you light up the night! Or, would also make a great nightlight in your trailer!

9:30 am

*sign up required*

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Aug 24th


Night Sky event

We are delighted to welcome the West Coast Astronomers to LHR for some out of this world FUN!

Meet us behind the RecHall after supper (time TBD) build constellations with marshmallows and do some stargazing with a telescope! 

9:30 am

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Aug 31st


Karaoke Fun with Lorna & Duct Tape crafts

Our last Campfire Crew event is going to be a party! Lorna will be here, so you can sing and dance your heart out with karaoke and Erica will be leading duct tape crafts! Come and see what incredible

things you can make with duct tape! 

9:30 am

Live Music:

The Sarcastic Onions!

8 pm

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Sept 1st 

Halloween In The Park!

Please Join us for Halloween in the Park by Decorating your site and participating in 

"Trick or Treating"

( 6:30 pm start)!

A prize will be given to the best Decorated site!

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Sept 28th

Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner 

5pm in Rec Hall

LHR will provide Turkeys 

(but will need volunteers 

to cook them!) 

Guests provide appetizers, accompanied dishes and dessert!

Space is limited and sign up sheets will be in the store beginning Labour Day Weekend

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Oct 14th


2019 SEASON 


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