Lake Huron Resort Store/Office Hours Summer 2020

Due to Covid-19 Our Store will not be open as per our "Regular" posted hours. 

LHR will have an "Online Order Store" with a "Pick Up Window" for the 2020 Summer Season.

Our Curbside "Pick Up Window" Store will be open:

Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays:  10am -12pm and  4pm-8pm

 Saturdays: 10am-6pm 

Sundays: 10am to 4pm 

 Our "Online Order Store" will be on Wednesday Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only 

To order products you must order by clicking the button below by 3:00 pm on the days stated above

(if your order is not in by 3:00 pm you will have to pick up the next evening).

When you click the button please type in your name, site number, what you want to order, and the quantity. 

All orders are to be picked up at the  "Store Window" between:

4pm-5pm only on the date you ordered the desired products.



A Complete Store Product List is below the Store Order Button


Store Item List Below​

*Wood: $10.00 (nt)

*Fire Starter: $1.32 (pt)

*Rainbow Fire: $1.99 (pt)

*Ice: $3.50 (nt) 


*Chocolate Bars (M&M Choc, M&M peanuts, Mr. Big, Oh Henry, Snickers, KitKat, Hershey Milk Choc): $1.32 (pt)

*Airheads: $.22 (pt)

*Double Bubble Gum: $.10 

*Sour Blast Candy Spray: $1.76 (pt)

*Teddy Pop Candy Rings: $.88 (pt)

*Toxic Waste: $2.21 (pt)

*Marshmallows: $2.99 (pt)

*Gram Cracker: $5.99 (pt)

*Blue Lagoon (H- Tank Deodorant): $13.99 (pt)

*Toilet Paper: $ 2.21 (pt)

*Paper Towels: $3.49 (pt)

*Facial Tissue: 1.99 (pt)

*BBQ Lighter: $1.99 (pt)

*BBQ Brush: 1.99 (pt)

*Flashlight: $9.99 (pt)

*Sm Lighter: $1.99 (pt)

*Bleach: $2.21 (pt)

*Air Wick Deodorizer *Spray: $1.99 (pt)

*All Purpose Cleaner: $3.99 (pt)

*Alcan Foil: $2.99 (pt)

*Dish Soap: $1.99 (pt)

*Mask: $1.77 pt

*Hand Sanitizer (100mls): $4.99 pt

 *Advil Liquid Gel 200 mg/72 in box: $15.69 (pt)

*Advil Extra Strength 400mg/12 in box: $6.99 (pt)

*Advil  (10 pk): $3.49 (pt

*Tylenol (10pk): $3.49 pt

*Children's Benadryl Liquid Allergy 100 ml: $8.99  (pt)

Grocery Items:

*Milk (2L): $5.00 (nt)

*Cream: $3.00 (nt)

*Eggs: $3.99 (nt)

*Butter: $4.99 (nt)

*Becel Margarine: $5.00 (nt)

*Sour Cream: $2.99 (nt)

*Bacon: $6.99 (nt)

*Cheese: $9.99 (nt)

*Hot Dogs: $4.99 (nt)

*Beef Burgers (12 pk): $11.99 (nt)

*Hot Dog Buns: $3.79 (nt)

*Hamburger Buns: $3.79 (nt)

*Sliced Bread: $3.79 (nt)

*Water Jug: $1.99 (nt)


-2L (Pepsi): $2.69 (pt)

-750 mls (Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Ginger Ale): $1.99 (pt)

*Chips (Plain/BBQ/Sour Cream, Tostitos, Smart Pop): $3.99 (pt)

*Ketchup: $4.54 (nt)

*Mustard: $1.99 (nt)

*Relish: $2.79 (nt)

*Mayo: $2.59 (nt)

*Salsa: $3.99 (nt)

*BBQ Sauce: $1.99 (nt)

*Soya Sauce: $2.29 (nt)

*Salad Dressing (Greek, Italian, French, Ranch): $2.99 (nt)

*Diced Tomatoes: $1.99 (nt)

*Strained Tomatoes: $1.99 (nt)

*Classico Spaghetti Sauce: $3.99 (nt)

*Classico Alfredo Sauce: $3.99 (nt)

*Pasta Noodles: $1.99 (nt)

*Oven Ready Lasagna Noodle: $3.69 (nt)

*Kraft Dinner: $1.99 (nt)

*Canned Soup: $2.69 (nt) (Chicken Noodle, Cream of Mushroom)

*Canned Chickpeas : $1.99 (nt)

*Canned W Kidney Beans: $1.99 (nt)

*Canned Tuna: $1.99 (nt)

* White Vinegar: $1.99 (nt)

*Balsamic Vinegar: $3.49 (nt)

*Canola Oil: $3.99 (nt)

*Olive Oil: $8.99 (nt)

*Pam: 3.99 (nt)

*Peanut Butter: $5.99 (nt)

*Billy Bee Honey: $9.99 (nt)

*Grape Jelly: $3.99 (nt)

*Strawberry Jam: $4.99 (nt)

*Pancake Mix: $4.30 (nt)

*Table Syrup: $2.59 (nt)

*Oatmeal (Maple Brown Sugar): $3.90 (nt)

*Cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cin Apple Cheerios): $4.99 (nt)

*Ground Coffee: $9.99 (nt)

*Coffee Filters: 2.99 (pt)

*Mint Tea: $4.95 (nt)

*Orange Pekoe Tea: $4.59 (nt)

Work Order Request

*Soil (1 yard): $53.09 (pt)

*A Gravel (1 yard): $48.67 (pt)

*Cement Block (per block): $9.99 (pt)

*Trailer Spring Open: $132.75 (pt)

*Trailer Winterizing: $132.75 (pt) 

Please Note: The Soil and Gravel are available during the spring season only. We will deliver the Work Order Products to your site. 


Seasonal Payments and Trailer Taxes

All Seasonal payments and trailer tax payments can be paid by E-transfer to: [email protected]

or by Debit, Visa or Mastercard in person, during "Store Order Pick Up" hours, over the phone or by email.