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NOW: The Roadmap to reopen Ontario

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Lake Huron Resort Store/Office 

2021 Season

We are Open For "In Store" Shopping Now!

There is only 6 Customers Permitted at a time. 

Please be patient and wait your turn!

2021 Season. Please See Store Product List Below For everything we carry in the Store! 

*Store Hours for Civic Long Weekend*

Sept 7th to Oct 11th Hours:

*Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 

*CLOSED (MUST pre register all guests)*

*Friday: 12-6

Saturday: 10-6

Sunday: 10-3

Please note: If you are having a guest on a Monday, they must be “Pre-Registered” Sunday by 4pm (Covid Forms signed, registered at our store and paid for in full). 

If Your guests come before the store opens it is your responsibility to register your guest the night before store closes. 

It is mandatory for everyone to registers due to Covid 19 screening and contact is required by law.

If your guest is not registered than they are not permitted on the property and will be asked to leave the park. 





A Complete Store Product List is below the Store Order Button

Office & Store Hours Can And May Change Without Notice

Store Item List Below​

*Ice: $3.50 (nt) 

Ice Cream:

*1.5 L Tubs of Ice Cream: 

(Rolo, Smarties, Turtles, Chips Ahoy, Sour Patch ): $6.49 (pt)

Ice Cream Bars:

*Coffee Crisp: $2.21 (pt)

*Drumstick: $1.76 (pt)

(Sweet & Salty Caramel, Chocolate)

*Drumstick: $2.21 (pt)

(Vanilla with Chocolate Nut Ball)

*Fruity Multi Colour 

Popsicle: $.44 (pt)

*Freezie: $.44 (pt)

*Klondike: $3.09 (pt)

*Kit Kat: $2.21 (pt)

*Oreo: $2.21 (pt)


*Chocolate Bars (M&M Choc, M&M peanuts, Mr. Big,  Smarties, Snickers, KitKat,  Hershey Milk, Twix, Coffee Crisp, Reese P B Cups, Choc): $1.32 (pt)

*Airheads: $.44 (pt)

*Bubble Gum Balls: $.88

*Blow Pops: $.44 (pt)

*Bottle Pops: $1.77 (pt)

*Big Mouth Spray: $2.21 (pt)

*Double Bubble Gum: $.10 

*Candy Mix Cups: $2.21 (pt)

*Excel Gum: $3.53 (pt)

*Hamburg Gummy: $.22 (pt)

*Hot Dog Gummy: $.22 (pt)

*Hot Wheel Candy: $2.47 (pt)

*Juicy Drop Pop: $1.99 (pt)

*Koala Kones Mixed Candy: $1.99 

*Pet Surprise: $1.99 (pt)

*Push Pops: $1.10 (pt)

*Skittles: $1.32 (pt)

*Sour Patch Kids: $1.32 (pt)

*Swedish Berries: $1.32 (pt)

*Sour Blast Candy Spray: $1.76 (pt)

*Teddy Pop Candy Rings: $.88 (pt)

*Twizzler Gummy: $1.32 (pt)

*Marshmallows: $3.49 (pt)

*Gram Cracker: $5.99 (pt)

Digestive Chocolate Cookies: $2.99 (nt)

Grocery Items:

*Milk (2L) 2% Lactose Free: $6.29 (nt)

*Milk (1L) 2%: $3.49 (nt)

*Oat Milk: $3.99 (nt)

*Cream: $3.00 (nt)

*Eggs: $3.99 (nt)

*Butter: $6.99 (nt)

*Becel Margarine: $5.00 (nt)

*Sour Cream: $2.99 (nt)

*Bacon: $6.99 (nt)

*Cheese: $8.99 (nt)

*Kraft Sliced Cheese: $4.99 (nt)

*Hot Dogs: $4.99 (nt)

*Beef Burgers (12 pk): $11.99 (nt)

*Hot Dog Buns: $3.79 (nt)

*Hamburger Buns: $3.79 (nt)

*Sliced Bread: $3.79 (nt)

*Water Jug: $1.99 (nt)

*Case of 24 Bottled Water: $4.99 (nt)


-2L (Pepsi): $2.69 (pt)

-750 mls (Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Ginger Ale): $1.99 (pt)

-355 mls Can of Pop: $1.32 (pt)

Jones Pop: $1.76 (pt)

*Chips (Plain/BBQ/Dill Pic, Tostitos, Doritos): $4.42 (pt)

*Triscuit Crackers: $3.99 (nt)

*Water Crackers: $1.89 (nt)

*Strawberry, Raspberry Oat Bars: $3.99 (nt)

*Nutri Grain Bars: $4.09 (nt)

*Sweet & Salty Bars: $3.99 (nt)

*Gushers: $2.99 (nt)

*Ketchup: $3.99 (nt)

*Mustard: $1.49 (nt)

*Relish: $1.99 (nt)

*Mayo: $6.49 (nt)

*Salsa: $3.99 (nt)

*BBQ Sauce (Dianas): $3.49 (nt)

*Soya Sauce: $2.29 (nt)

*Worcestershire Sauce: $4.99 (nt)

*Horseradish $3.49 (nt)

*Dill Pickles: $3.49 (nt)

*Olives: $2.79 (nt)

*Banana Peppers: $3.99 (nt)

*Souerkraut: $4.99 (nt)

*Salsa: $3.99 (nt)

*Taco Seasoning: $1.99 (nt)

*Brown Gravy: $1.49 (nt)

*Salad Dress Kraft (Greek, Catalina, Ranch): $3.49 (nt)

*Salad Dress Select (Blue Cheese, Peach Balsamic) $3.49

*Diced Tomatoes: $1.49 (nt)

*Strained Tomatoes: $1.99 (nt)

*PC Spaghetti Sauce: $2.99 (nt)

*Tomato Paste: $1.00 (nt)

*Classico Alfredo Sauce: $3.99 (nt)

*Pasta Noodles: $2.29 (nt)

*Oven Ready Lasagna Noodle: $3.69 (nt)

*Kraft Dinner: $1.99 (nt)

*Canned Soup: $1.499 (nt) (Chicken Noodle, Cream of Mushroom)

*Onion Soup Mix: $1.99 (nt)

*Canned Chickpeas : $1.99 (nt)

*Canned W Kidney Beans: $1.99 (nt)

*Canned Tuna: $1.99 (nt)

* White Vinegar: $1.99 (nt)

*Balsamic Vinegar: $3.49 (nt)

*Canola Oil: $3.99 (nt)

*Olive Oil: $8.99 (nt)

*Corn Oil: $5.99 (nt)

*Pam: 3.99 (nt)

*Peanut Butter: $6.59 (nt)

*Billy Bee Honey: $9.99 (nt)

*Strawberry Jam: $4.19 (nt)

*Quaker Muffin Mix (Oatmeal): $4.59 (nt)

*Pancake Mix: $4.30 (nt)

*Table Syrup: $4.49 (nt)

*Oatmeal (Maple Brown Sugar): $4.09 (nt)

*Cereal (Cheerios): $5.99 (nt)

*Starbucks Ground Coffee: $12.99 (nt)

*Coffee Filters: 2.99 (pt)

*Mint Tea: $4.95 (nt)

*Orange Pekoe Tea: $4.59 (nt)

*Apple Juice: $1.49 (nt)


*Wood: $10.00 (nt)

*Fire Starter: $1.32 (pt)

*Rainbow Fire: $1.99 (pt)

*Blue Lagoon (H- Tank Deodorant): $13.99 (pt)

*Toilet Paper: $ 2.21 (pt)

*Paper Towels: $3.49 (pt)

*Facial Tissue: 1.99 (pt)

*BBQ Lighter: $1.99 (pt)

*BBQ Brush: 1.99 (pt)

*Flashlight: $9.99 (pt)

*Sm Lighter: $1.99 (pt)

*Bleach: $2.49 (pt)

*Air Wick Deodorizer *Spray: $1.99 (pt)

*All Purpose Cleaner: $5.29 (pt)

*Gain Laundry Soap:

-Small: $7.99 (pt)

-Large: $16.59 (pt)

*Fleecy Liq Softener: S4.99 (pt)

*Fleecy Fabric Sheets: $8.99 (pt)

*Alcan Foil: $3.49 (pt)

*Plastic Wrap: $2.99 (pt)

*Parchment Paper: $4.09 (pt)

*Dish Soap: $1.99 (pt)

*Mask: $1.77 pt

*Hand Sanitizer (100mls): $4.99

*Advil Liquid Gel 200 mg/72 in box: $15.69 (pt)

*Advil Extra Strength 400mg/12 in box: $6.99 (pt)

*Advil (10 pk): $3.49 (pt

*Tylenol (10pk): $3.49 pt

*Children's Benadryl Liquid *Allergy 100 ml: $8.99 (pt)

Work Order Request

*Soil (1 yard): $75.00 (Tax Included)

*A Gravel (1 yard): $75.00 (Tax Included)

*Cement Block (per block): $9.99 (pt)

*Trailer Spring Open: $132.75 (pt)

*Trailer Winterizing: $132.75 (pt)

Please Note: The Soil and Gravel Must be ordered by April 15th, 2021. We will deliver the Work Order Products to your site. 

Seasonal Payments & Trailer Taxes

All Seasonal payments and trailer tax payments can be paid by E-transfer to: [email protected]